Aistemos is committed to meeting the demands of companies, their advisors and investors who need to understand intellectual property in order to make better decisions. Aistemos is built on our deep understanding of how AI can be harnessed to extract insight from patent, litigation and licensing data. Aistemos has created Cipher, the leading analytics software which provides competitive intelligence and helps companies understand who is doing what.

Insights Spotlight

The World’s Leading IP Strategists

1st July 2019

IP strategy is no longer out in the cold. Gone are the days when an IP team was tasked with handling patent and trade mark filing and dealing with any litigation that should happen to come their way.  Now IP strategy is taught in universities and in…
Automation meets Automation | Industry 4.0

13th June 2019

After the success of our Automotive module, currently used by leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers such as BorgWarner, Aptiv and Mahle, and our recent collaboration with Mintel within FMCG, Cipher is now very excited to launch a module for Industrial Au…
IP, the next Cyber

10th June 2019

The CFC Summit in Chicago was an all-star affair. When the keynote is Carey Lohrenz, the world’s first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot, you know that this was going to be a high-energy affair. Back on the ground, the event focussed on how the nature…