Aistemos is committed to meeting the demands of companies, their advisors and investors who need to understand intellectual property in order to make better decisions. Aistemos is built on our deep understanding of how AI can be harnessed to extract insight from patent, litigation and licensing data. Aistemos has created Cipher, the leading analytics software which provides competitive intelligence and helps companies understand who is doing what.

Insights Spotlight

London IP Week – something for everyone

14th December 2018

London IP Week was a fitting end for the IP conference season, covering a broad range of topics. These included the recurrent 2018 theme of IP shifting from a strictly legal sphere to a more strategic role in organisations. Technology and specificall…
Supersonic IP seminar @ Airbus  

10th December 2018

On 7 December, the Airbus Leadership University in Toulouse hosted the aerospace industry event the IP Seminar @Airbus. The event was centred on IP leaders from sector giants Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, BAE Systems, Thales, UTC and Safran with valuable…
Report | Aerospace and Defence – Under attack from innovation

6th December 2018

While patents have historically been important to A&D, the way in which they have been understood and exploited is about to change. We are delighted to publish the A&D Report – Under attack from innovation, in advance of the IP in the Aerospace & Def…