Aistemos is committed to meeting the demands of companies, their advisors and investors who need to understand intellectual property in order to make better decisions. Aistemos is built on our deep understanding of how AI can be harnessed to extract insight from patent, litigation and licensing data. Aistemos has created Cipher, the leading analytics software which provides competitive intelligence and helps companies understand who is doing what.

Insights Spotlight

Automate 2019

18th April 2019

Last week the Cipher team attended the biannual Automate conference in Chicago, North America’s largest conference for robotics and automation, with over 20,000 visitors and 500+ exhibitors. There was, of course, a large section focusing on the lates…
Industrial Automation – more patent intelligence

15th April 2019

The consensus view is that the ideal patent portfolio would protect the future revenues of the business. In the simple case, where a company has 5% of the global market in a specific technology, it should own 5% of the patents. Anything else would no…
Automotive Legal & IP 2019 World Summit

10th April 2019

This year’s Automotive Legal & Automotive IP World Summit started off with a summary of the automotive industry today. Tobias Schumacher from EY opened the event by presenting the big picture, “7% of the EU’s GDP is automotive”, but at the same time…