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Our mission is to enable a better understanding of intellectual property

Aistemos is committed to meeting the demands of companies, their advisers and investors who need access to IP analytics and competitive intelligence to make better decisions. Aistemos is built on our deep understanding of how AI can be harnessed to extract insight from patent, litigation and licensing data.

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Cipher IP Business Intelligence

  • Maximise value, minimise costs and mitigate risk
  • Instant, unlimited, in-depth reporting on your competition, your industry
  • Spot trends, study technologies, extract insight

The Team

A team combining expertise from across intellectual property, data science and business. We share a single and hugely powerful vision – to improve understanding of IP by providing access to actionable business intelligence.

IP Strategy

The Aistemos IP Strategy Report set out to answer one question: what is the level of understanding of intellectual property (IP) within companies?

It has ended up as a more substantive piece of research with a tangible recurrent theme, that IP is important to more sectors and more companies than ever before. 

There is also an actionable recommendation; ensure that the main board engages with IP, such that patents, trademarks, and copyright issues do not remain locked in specialist silos, but are integrated into mainstream business strategy.