Aistemos is committed to meeting the demands of companies, their advisors and investors who need to understand intellectual property in order to make better decisions. Aistemos is built on our deep understanding of how AI can be harnessed to extract insight from patent, litigation and licensing data. Aistemos has created Cipher, the leading analytics software which provides competitive intelligence and helps companies understand who is doing what.

Insights Spotlight

Case Study | Mahle

12th March 2019

  “Cipher Automotive makes unique use of artificial intelligence, and has excellent customer service which together improve the accessibility of complex patent data.” Roger Gorges, Head of Innovation, Mahle   What is your role in Mahle and some of th…
What is the Future of Powertrain?

12th March 2019

The Future Powertrain Conference (FPC) 2019 took place last week in Coventry, the home of the UK’s largest producer of automobiles and internal combustion engines. The focus of the event comes as no surprise as a host of suppliers – Tier 1s and more…
Having problems scouting start-ups | new LIDAR Report

27th February 2019

The automotive industry is being disrupted at an unprecedented rate, and no single OEM or Tier1 supplier can innovate, even less lead, in all areas. Disruption in electric and connected cars is happening now: partnerships, collaborations and acquisit…