CIPHER – the beta launch

30th June 2014

On 11 June 2014, we launched the beta release of CIPHER, which will be the world’s first business intelligence product to aggregate, analyse and visualise IP data and related events including litigation and licensing – and make actionable insight accessible for the wider business community.

This was something of a landmark moment for us, not least since we were able to release the beta to our pilot group on schedule, despite the not-insignificant complexities and technical challenges inherent in realising our vision for CIPHER.

Our  pilot group – now bringing together a diverse group of over 40 companies  – remains both excited and supportive, both in terms of their attendance at the launch event, and their feedback on the product.

The sheer diversity of the group puts us in an enviable position; one in which we can draw on unrivalled feedback in continuing to develop CIPHER as we move towards a commercial launch – and you can listen to some of their views by watching the video above.

Where we are, where we’re going

Today, in beta, CIPHER provides the capacity to search across 30 million patent families and all the world’s patent owning organisations in real time – it is already a powerful IP analytics tool, but will get stronger as we both build out its capabilities and respond to pilot group feedback.

We are very excited to see the progress we have made to date, because we believe intellectual property is not a specialist sport for rich companies.   It is a foundation for all companies, particularly for SMEs, for which getting an IP strategy right is vitally important.

And this is where we believe CIPHER and AISTEMOS can play a vital role in the evolution of IP; by providing education, providing strategic support and by providing information.   And by making insight available in real time, we can make IP strategy accessible – ultimately, the goal is to help build a world in which we all understand the value of our intangible assets.

To find out more about CIPHER, or to enquire about joining the pilot group, get in touch with  Marcus Malek.

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