Intangible, not invisible

Cipher answers the question: who owns the world’s patents?
Using the most advanced analytics, businesses can visualise and make decisions faster than ever before.

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Helping businesses see their intangible value

When it comes to intangible value, it’s hard to understand what’s out there. Cipher eliminates the guesswork. It is the leading IP data analytics platform with the largest aggregation of patent data, all at your fingertips.

Combining intellectual property information with advanced data science, Cipher users can generate a wide range of visualisations relating to patent portfolios, disputes, and licensing - quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Largest aggregation of IP data including patents, litigation, licences and and Standards
  • Most advanced analytics ever applied to intangible asset data, utilising machine learning and advanced technology area searching
  • Wide range of visualisations for rapid communication across multi-disciplinary teams
  • Best in class IP strategy support to ensure high quality deliverables
  • Easy to use requiring no prior knowledge of patent law and practice
  • Task specific dashboards to support specific M&A and competitive intelligence requirements


Expand your impact

All companies at every stage of development need an IP strategy that is integrated and managed from all areas of the business. Having an effective IP Strategy paves the way for better decisions consistent with corporate goals and objectives.

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World class data that’s in a class of its own.

Cipher’s unique and innovative approach is supported by the most trusted and comprehensive sources of data in the world.

30.5 million patent families
1+ million companies
50+ territories
100,000 licensing and royalty agreements

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