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Cipher enables you to understand how companies compare through an innovation lens

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Competitive Intelligence and IP

Companies need to monitor the patent activity of others. This is complex and time consuming in areas where there are thousands of new patents and many new entrants.

Cipher provides a solution without the cost, delay and inconvenience associated with conventional searching.


IP challenges

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There are over 16 million patents owned by more than 500,000 corporates, making it impossible to monitor all relevant activity

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With intellectual property accounting for a significant part of enterprise value, there is the need for the asset class to be understood by an increasingly wide audience

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Companies do not innovate in isolation so understanding the patenting strategy of others is critical to managing internal R&D and patent activity

Cipher delivers value

Cipher aggregates all available data relating to the patent portfolios of all companies, regardless of size and location. From this starting point, you’ll be able to answer:

  • What does a company own and what technology does it protect?
  • Who owns similar rights and where?
  • An assessment of the quality of similar portfolios, using rational and objective metrics
  • Known commercialisation activities including licensing and participation in Standards (SEPs)

Cipher applied in real terms

Case Study - Competitive Intelligence

Read our case study on how Cipher helps understand competitor IP strategies.

Summary: The executive management of a multinational FMCG company wanted to compare their own IP strategy to its competitors. Find out how Cipher allowed them to uncover major competitors and new entrants to the market.


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