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Cipher enables IP risk mitigation strategies to be developed and implemented

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Mitigating IP Risk

IP litigation is a threat to all businesses large and small. Understanding sector risk is an important element of IP risk management. Cipher provides litigation analytics that help identify and manage risk more effectively.


IP challenges

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Intellectual property risk has grown substantially in recent times and conventional searches are often not practical. 

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IP licensing has increased as a source of high margin revenue, but indemnity mechanisms for sharing risk have not adapted with the times.

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Litigation is now prevalent in the technology sector and NPE risk (aka patent trolls) is hard to estimate. 

Cipher delivers value

Cipher provides the ability to understand a technology area and identify known risks. Armed with this information, Cipher helps companies develop effective IP risk mitigation strategies. This includes:

  • Providing an understanding of litigation (including NPE) activity
  • Analytics relating to the patenting strategy of the companies owning all relevant rights
  • Equipping companies with the information necessary to mitigate indemnity risk and to consider IP insurance solutions

Cipher applied in real terms

 IP Risk Management Case Study

Read our case study on how Cipher helps companies mitigate IP risk.

Summary: The corporate development team in a high growth logistics company needed to mitigate the intellectual property risks associated with an international licensing strategy. Find out how Cipher identified high-risk areas and helped the company develop an IP risk mitigation strategy.

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