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Building an IP Strategy

IP Strategy

Building an IP Strategy

An IP strategy is an essential element of business strategy. With intangibles now accounting for over 70% of enterprise value, this is no longer an issue that can be ignored.

Having an IP strategy means taking the steps necessary to maximise the value and minimise the risks associated with intangible assets.

Aistemos can help with

  • Awareness and education

    Ensuring that employees are aware of the importance of IP to the success of the business

  • IP governance

    Creation of appropriate management structures to ensure that IP strategy can evolve over time.

  • Brand

    Protection and enforcement of trade marks, and associated licensing and enforcement

  • Finance

    Review of intra-group arrangements, particularly in the context of the OECD’s review of transfer pricing and the European Patent Box regimes

  • IP risk management

    Creation of appropriate strategies from both an offensive and defensive perspective, including consideration of insurance solutions

  • Innovation strategy

    Strategic review of patent portfolios, and assessment of quality

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Summary: Creating an IP strategy helps maximise the value and minimise the risks associated with intangible assets. A well executed IP strategy is aligned to business strategy and improves communication between all relevant stakeholders.

Nigel Swycher is recognised by the IAM300 as a world-leading IP strategist.