Corporate secrets in an age of innovation

19th January 2017

In the fourth of our series of special reports based on our research into IP Strategy, we explore the topic of corporate secrets in an age of innovation. 

More patents are being created each year than ever before and yet we live in a world of innovation that is steeped in corporate secrecy. Patents and other intellectual property (IP) rights may be public disclosures – a way to tell the world about your innovation – but the opacity of the existing system and an ongoing corporate unwillingness to adopt IP transparency means that we actually know very little about who owns what, and how those inventions are being managed, defended and monetised.

By this, we mean disclosures about the IP owned, and how it is licensed or protected through litigation – even how it is described to outside stakeholders such as investors, be that on the balance sheet – which is very rare – or even internally.

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