The Cost section is a representation of a company’s estimated annual expenditure on its patent portfolio over time.

This includes:

  • Costs to make the application
    • Local filing costs
    • Home attorney costs
    • Foreign associate costs
    • Exam request
    • Office actions
  • Costs to maintain the patent once granted
    • Renewal fees

The estimate is based on which countries applications are made in and the route to patent (e.g. via WPO or EP or direct to country).


Hovering over any point will show the estimated total spend for that particular year.


You can use the timeframe slider to adjust the years shown in the chart.

To view estimated spend according to the technology area, click ‘Technology’ above the chart.


To compare the estimated spend of two or more organisations, select the box next to the name of the organisation from the sidebar on the left under ‘Organisations’. This will populate the visualisation or table you see on the right.



Click through on any data point on the chart to expose a list of the underlying data.




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