Creating a Technology Landscape report

Technology Landscape

Search for patents 

  1. Type your search query in the text box. This can be either one word, or a combination of words and fields (e.g. IPC codes) that reflect the technology area you are interested in searching. Download the Search Guide here.


2. Click ‘Search’: Cipher will perform a keyword search of patent titles and abstracts, as well as metadata if specified, to return a list of results.

NOTE: The search supports advanced options such as Boolean operators and wildcards, as well as restricting searches to specific fields. Click here to see supported fields and formats.

  1. The list of results will tell you how many patents were found to match your search terms, who owns the patents, the patent titles, and the priority dates. You can now either:

a) Click ‘Create’ to generate a Cipher report where the seed portfolio includes ALL patents from the search results.


b) Under ‘Columns’ click ‘Manual selection’ to review and select only the patents from the search results that you wish to include in a seed portfolio. Click ‘Create’ once you are satisfied with your selection.

4. Cipher will then prompt you to name your report and ask if you want the results to be clustered into technologies.


Note: You can also create a Technology Landscape report by uploading a list of patents. Select the ‘Upload data’ tab for a Technology Landscape report. This option will provide you with a view of who owns the patents you uploaded.

Interpreting your report

The landing page for your technology landscape report is a treemap: a representation of the size, and change in size over time, of all patents in your technology portfolio. Each ‘box’ represents the number of patents owned by an organisation. The colour indicates the change in proportion or ‘share’ for that cluster over the last 10 years relative to the other organisations in your report.


NOTE: The view is showing you how many patent families are owned by that organisation from your technology search results i.e. this is not showing you how many patent families that organisation owns in total.

Click on any box or data point to reveal a list of the underlying data.


The list on the left sidebar displays the names of all organisations that correspond to the names you see in the treemap visualisation.


The technology portfolio can be analysed using the menu of analytics across top: Size, Activity, Conversion, Age, Expiry, Territory, Inventors, List.

The List view will display all the patents you selected from your search results.

Click ‘Options’ to download the list for further analysis.


If you want to refine the list, click ‘Columns’ > ‘Manual selection’ and select/deselect the patent families as desired.


Your new selection can be used to generate a new Technology Landscape OR General report by clicking ‘Options’ > ‘New technology report from results’ OR ‘New general report from results’.


The option to generate a Cipher General report will cluster the patents in the list, and provide comparable organisations.

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