U.S. Litigation: summary

The summary table shows how many times an organisation has either sued (Plaintiff view) or been sued (Defensive view) in the U.S. The count is based on intellectual property-related litigations only.


The outcome of the cases is tallied according to Settled, Won, Lost, Active or Other.

  • Settled – the action was settled between the parties
  • Lost  – court decided against the selected organisation
  • Won – court decided in favour of the selected organisation
  • Active – case is on-going
  • Other – the outcome is unknown. Reasons for this include: multiple-defendant case involving different outcomes, or the case was transferred, dismissed, terminated or withdrawn.
  • In the Defensive Disputes view, an additional column is included for ‘NPEs’: this shows the count for the number of litigations where the plaintiff is a Non-Practising Entity (NPE).

Please note that where an organisation is not involved in litigation, they are not listed.

Litigation Detail

Additional detail can be found below the summary table. They are listed in order of most recent suit at the top. This includes plaintiff and defendant details, start date, duration and status, and if a NPE is involved. Where possible, Cipher will also identify the asserted patents in each case.


Click ‘Details’ to see any associated court documents. This is also where you will find any damages information, where available.

Tip: The list will be populated depending on the organisations you have selected in the sidebar on the left.


Active litigation line chart

This chart shows the number of active U.S. litigations, as either Offensive or Defensive, by organisation by year. Hovering over the chart displays the number for each year for each organisation.

Disputes_Help Update

Litigation Timeline

This chart presents a chronological visualisation of litigation and displays whether the aggressor is an Operating Company (OpCo) or NPE, together with the outcome of each action.

The length of the bar is an indication of the duration of the respective litigation. The chart also displays the status of each lawsuit:

By hovering over each lawsuit, further data can be viewed:

  • Case title – case name of the lawsuit
  • Start – date the case was started
  • Duration – the duration of the case
  • Number of defendants – defendants in the action (including the selected organisation)
  • NPE Summary – summarised view of case outcomes for all defendants (only applicable for NPE actions)

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