The List section allows you to view detailed information about the patent families in your report.

The following data is available:

  • Portfolio – the name of the organisation owning the patent family or custom cluster or custom upload name
  • Cluster description – the name of the technology cluster this family has been assigned to
  • Owners – the name(s) of the organisation(s) to which the patent family belongs.
  • Patent numbers – all members linked to the patent family. Where the number is hyperlinked, you are able to click through to view the patent document in either Google Patents or WIPO or Espacenet.
  • Title – the rewritten DWPI title for the patent family
  • Status – current status of the family
  • Pending territories – patent registries where the patent family still has pending members
  • Granted territories – patent registries where the patent family has granted members
  • Priority date – date of filing of the first patent application in the patent family
  • Granted date – date the first patent was granted in the patent family
  • Expiry date – date the patent expired or is due to expire
  • IPC codes – patent classification codes for the patent family
  • DWPI accession numbers – the DWPI patent family identification number
  • Inventors – the names of the inventors for the patent
  • Cost to date – the estimated costs associated with the patent family
  • Future Cost Projection – the estimated costs to keep all granted members of the patent family alive from today until expiry

The search function in the List view also supports advanced options such as Boolean operators and wildcards, and restricting searches to specific fields. Download the Advanced Search guide here.

To view and edit the data points you see in the List view, click ‘Columns’:


You can download data into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, or create a new report based on the patents selected, by clicking ‘Options’:


To view the patent list from the portfolio or technology cluster of two or more organisations, select the box next to the name of the organisation from the sidebar on the left under ‘Organisations’ and ‘Technologies’. This will populate the list you see on the right.


NOTE: There is a limitation on the number of DWPI titles that can be downloaded. This limit is set to 1,000. If you wish to download more entries, only 1,000 entries will have a DWPI title, the rest will be blank. If additional information is required, please contact

Tutorial: Sorting and downloading data from the List view