Jeremy Phillips enters the IP Hall of Fame

13th April 2015

Huge congratulations must go to our friend Jeremy Phillips on his induction into the IP Hall of Fame.

We are fortunate to have Jeremy as a member of our advisory board and, having learned a great deal from him over the years, know better than most how richly he deserves this recognition – there can be no doubt about the scale of Jeremy’s contribution to the IP community.

One of the world’s most respected IP academics, Jeremy is also one of its most prolific. He currently serves as IP consultant to Olswang LLP, and as a professorial fellow at Queen Mary IP Institute in London. He is also a founder of IPKat, the popular blog to which he continues to contribute, acts as editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice and the European Trade Mark Reports, and has also been responsible for launching a number of IP publications including Managing Intellectual Property.

Commenting on his nomination to the hall of fame, Jeremy had this to say: “Our increasingly interconnected world brings together creators and competitors, entrepreneurs and consumers, judges and administrators, pirates and parasites. We can’t escape each other and, if we only listen, each of us has something to teach the others. I’m so thrilled to have been part of this teaching process and I’m proud to be part of the intellectual property community, a community which has given so much to so many people despite its diversity and the challenges of constant change.”

In joining the hall of fame, Jeremy will take his place alongside 67 fellow luminaries of IP – including Victor Hugo, Thomas Edison and Thomas Jeffersen, Hugh Laddie, David Kappos and Sir Robin Jacob.

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