We’re here to make it easier to understand intangible assets, and specifically intellectual property.

Intangible assets, including intellectual property (IP), account for over 70% of many companies’ enterprise value. Despite this, IP issues are often not identified and communicated in a way that enable the corporate management, advisers and investors to understand and react within the tight timeframes that dominate corporate decision making.

Aistemos strongly believes that involving IP in decision making across teams and departments require informative and succinct IP analytics. Yet with the vast quantities of data that exist related to patents, standards, litigation, licensing, etc., companies simply do not have the time or resources to create a proper analysis.

What sounded like a classic Big Data challenge had to be met in the right way. As Steve Harris, Aistemos CTO says:

“Data science and computing power have reached a point where machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques can be cost effectively deployed against large quantities of IP data. Some of the things Cipher can do are practically impossible for humans, and were prohibitively expensive for machines until a few years ago”.

Founded by Nigel Swycher, former head of the intellectual property practice at Slaughter and May and recognised IAM IP Strategy expert, Aistemos was established to provide IP business intelligence in a form and at a speed that can be understood and used across an organisation.

Aistemos is comprised of a leadership team with real world experience of what the market needs and how it should be delivered. It has successfully combined the best of IP, data science and an understanding of the business community through our IP strategy and analytics product, Cipher.

Intellectual property. Intangible not invisible.

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Aistemos supports the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO), a voluntary and non-profit organisation committed to improving the transparency and openness around patent ownership data. Click here for more information.